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Aktuelle Statements zu Norbert als Harper  

Norbert Lohan und Bruce Iglauer, Chef von Alligator Records, beim Chicago Blues Festival im Juni 2012.

Bruce Iglauer über mein Harpspiel

I think you’re a very fine and also very tasteful harp player. Your acoustic work seems to be your specialty. You have lovely tone and excellent control, and your artistic choices enhance the song rather than overpowering it. Harmonica is a very difficult and deceptive instrument. Because anyone can make a noise with it, many people decide they are harmonica players who are just rudimentary (or worse). Although simple playing can be effective on certain kinds of songs (more for texture or mood), more complex and subtle playing can make a familiar tune something special. That’s what happens with the relatively familiar folk blues on the 49blues site. (anhören?) 

Thanks for sharing the fine music. And my compliments are sincere — I’m not easy to please!

Sincerely Bruce Iglauer

Joe Filisko und Norbert Lohan beim gemeinsamen Auftritt in Essen im November 2011.

 Joe Filisko über mein Harpspiel

You have a very highly developed sense of musicality. Every note you play makes sense and you really play some very tasteful stuff. (anhören?) 

Joe Filisko